domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2017


It's been a long time
and everything seemed just fine
until I saw it through -
the child I once was
has died with you.

Now I see that to this day
she lies in a wooden box
with nothing else to say;
so young, naive and hopeful.

A place meant to keep
all preciousness, as you said;
the gold and silver
at the time you thought I had.

It's been years
since you've gone;
I got used to it
better than I thought I would.

But today I feel my heart break
with every beat,
realizing it's really you
what remains there,
with the child of me.

The diamond of a memory
making up for a departure
so sudden and unfair
in a gift that didn't know
it was the last to be given.

So where this gap should be,
which for some may never fill,
I shall never forget as I look
at the taste and skill
yet again - as the real jewel
from your hand for me.


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