terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

Force of nature

You are so beautiful… You advance and you retreat, singing such sweet song; dark and bright, high and flat, smooth and furious…

I come to you and you come to me - I heard your whisper and, closing my eyes, let you touch me, stroke me. I forgot how the most exquisite things on this earth and above it can be dangerous.

You made me like it and want it; I wanted more of this and of you. My feet went further, bringing me into you and pouring you all over me… Even when your whisper shifted into a roar, all I did was to bare my figure and soul for you, handing them over to these coldly smooth fingers of yours.

I am fearless, I burn, I turn blind and damn the consequences. You knew it all, for you are perhaps the most unpredictable force of nature. You dug into my pores and cleansed me from my shame as well as you took my peace away.

You are who you are; how cruel! Soon you swallowed me whole and my open eyes were shown your depths, always so dark and well-hidden. No wonder people fear you and are taught to respect you, even if they don’t know you. No wonder most are dazzled by you and your power.

I learned it in the worst way, like many have and shall; you made me forget my part of the bargain and the price was high. It always is.

You drowned me, knowing I can’t swim, sucked the air from my lungs and spat me out like rubbish or a bone you chewed, but was out of meat already.

I tasted your salt and learned my lesson. It’s of little use warning others of what you can do - I was there before and am aware of your allure. As did I, they go at their own risk.

You no longer hold such power over me; sitting to stare at you once in a blue moon feels more than enough. After all, your touch is so cold, but you are so beautiful still…

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