sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2017

Heylel, the new sovereign

Father, you may have
shunned me to the darkest
of all places
with the cruelest sword,
but I have no regrets;
you made me who I am.

You made me for love
and if it is a sin
to love the one
who is my very equal,
I'd rather set myself
on the brightest fire;
flesh, bone and feather.

I am no longer
mere puppet in your hands.
I know my power.
I was never the perfect son
you wished me to be;
I was never enough to you
as I know I was to him -
or so I thought.

For every thin soul
I welcome into my new home
for having your back turned to,
may you still remember my name:
I am the star of the morning,
the bringer of light,
now master of my own domain.

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