sábado, 7 de janeiro de 2017

A lament to Michael

Oh, brother mine, song of my lips, light of my eyes, the deepest peace, true home in those vast, cold skies that no longer belong to me…

I adored you for who you were - the perfect warrior - the strongest, the handsomest, the humblest, the bravest, for my sheer loyalty was yours, and yours only. I loved you for everything we did and everything we could have done together, dear brother… We deserved more.

I forgive you, love of mine, for you are what I could never be.

I offer you the pearl of my wrathful tear along with the heart the old war made bleed as the holy token of my eternal devotion. For I am still
like you, beloved; made of the divine, the honest and the pure and nothing else matters.

I know you.

You look nothing like him; to me you have always been more - you
were everything.

This was all his fault and I miss you so… Do you still love me, reason of my brightness now long gone?

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