quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Not Daphne II

Fear not, brother.

They know nothing of us. They could never fool me into thinking you are any less than the sunlight that kisses me gently upon the mountains I was gifted.

It's no use running from the truth, anyway...

Think of it as our game of catch, where at each step I knew in my heart you made your embrace the best place since the womb.

But this time, they wouldn't let you. They wouldn't have it. They lied to us and made the wind blow my skirt away from your fingers. They spoke lies in my head and they were what made me scream.

I turned the one you remember into prey; he dared to forget I am the one who hunts all and is hunted only by one.

Fear not, brother. They did the same to us to state that the things we need and want the most are not likely to be touched and it's true, but they forgot the part where only a god is truly worthy of a goddess.

My body may be that of a virgin, but we've been under each other's skin since long before they knew of sin.

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