sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

When I am with you

Everybody needs a song
'Cause this life is not easy
And when the night is so long
I know you are with me.

When I am with you
I know there is light to break up the dark
If everything is falling apart
Because I am with you.

You've always shown me a way home
When the waves have tried to take me, alone;
And even with this distance
We never forget what's of the biggest importance.

When you held my hand
I knew that you always care
And whether in the air or upon the land
For you I will be there.

When I am with you
I can see the truth in your eyes
The stars love the moon;
It's as beautiful as the butterflies.

When you held me
You gave me all I ever needed
And whatever I am going to be
Your pure love I shall keep and spread.

When I am with you
I feel like I belong somewhere
And in anything I am supposed to do
I know I will beware.

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